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[software]WinCopyDVD - http://www.wincopydvd.com
This is a DVD ripper and DVD copying program. It provides step-by-step wizards. With WinCopyDVD, you can backup a DVD to VCD, MPEG and SVCD file formats, and you can burn it to CD or save it on your computer. You can choose the subtitles and audio to any language available on the original DVD. The movies you backup can be played on your home DVD player.
Keywords: WinCopyDVD; Multimedia; Video tools; Movie conversion; WinCopyDVD
Downloads: 181
[software]MediaKroker - http://www.mediakroker.com
This is a video player designed to simplify accessing large movie collections. It handles network auto-connect to remote hard drives, and multiple directories. It fully supports DirectShow, allowing AVI, MPEG, DIVX, and XVID formats. A stamp mode play is included.
Keywords: MediaKroker; Multimedia; Video tools; Movie viewers; MediaKroker
Downloads: 77
[software]DVDBase - http://users.tpg.com.au/users/jaqmar
Use this program to collect information about your DVD collection. Add and delete information and included fields for all of the major DVD features.
Keywords: DVDBase; Multimedia; Video tools; Movie organizers; DVDBase
Downloads: 133
[software]SlowMotion - http://www.goodervideo.com/products/SM.html
This program changes AVI videos into super-slow-motion videos. You can slow down scenes where the action or camera motion are too fast. While extending the play-time of the video, SlowMotion fills in new frames to keep the original frame-rate. These new frames are adjusted to have the right camera position and with objects having the proper position to keep motion smooth, no matter how slow.
Keywords: SlowMotion; Multimedia; Video tools; Movie editors; SlowMotion
Downloads: 287
[software]VCDEasy - http://www.vcdeasy.org/
This application is a VideoCD (VCD/SVCD) authoring tool. It lets you play your videos, your pictures and your music directly on most home DVD players without having to buy a DVD writer and DVD discs. Novice users can simply select an MPEG file and click the go button.
Keywords: VCDEasy; Multimedia; Video tools; Movie authoring; VCDEasy
Downloads: 124
[software]BigPromotion - http://www.goldensoft.it/bigpromotion.htm
This program allows you to create multimedia presentations.
Keywords: BigPromotion; Multimedia; Video tools; Movie authoring; BigPromotion
Downloads: 94
[software]StarPort - http://www.rocketdivision.com/port.html
This program allows you to burn to remote CD and DVD burners over a network. You can also backup and restore to remote tape drives, work with remote virtual hard disk drives over the network, backup whole server storage subsystems and work with the dynamic volume snapshots.
Keywords: StarPort; Multimedia; Video tools; Movie copying; StarPort
Downloads: 106
[software]Comixware - http://www.comixware.com
This is interactive storytelling software that marries multimedia presentation and editing in one seamless system that is not only a content builder for authors but also an interactive player and editor for viewers.
Keywords: Comixware; Multimedia; Video tools; Movie authoring; Comixware
Downloads: 84
[software]VideoCAD - http://www.cctvcad.com
This is a tool of view area and camera arrangement calculation. It can help you in designing CCTV of any complexity and functions. Choose visually a relative location of cameras using the graphics window with CAD interface. Calculate the horizontal projection sizes of viewing, person detecting, identifying and license plate reading-out areas to draw them on the object plan. Measure the view area distortions arising from natural obstacles.
Keywords: VideoCAD; Multimedia; Video tools; Movie editors; VideoCAD
Downloads: 101
[software]RioDVD - http://www.rio-dvd.com
This DVD player can play DVD, VCD and SVCD movies, with S/PDIF output, multiple speakers and digital zoom.
Keywords: RioDVD; Multimedia; Video tools; DVD players; RioDVD
Downloads: 127
[software]XVid - http://vetch.magot.pl
This program plays video files, displays customizable subtitles and includes skins. It also has customizable controls by keyboard or external controller.
Keywords: XVid; Multimedia; Video tools; Movie viewers; XVid
Downloads: 176
[software]PatchMaker - http://patchmaker.net/enu/
This is a 2D motion tracking program designed for intraframe video editing and compositing. It can determine the motion of a selected object in the scene to a subpixel precision under a specified parametric motion model. The computed motion can be used to place a patch on a moving object and stabilize the background. PatchMaker integrates with Adobe After Effects and allows data exchange between the applications...
Keywords: PatchMaker; Multimedia; Video tools; Movie editors; PatchMaker
Downloads: 495
[software]Lemony - http://www.jorgemorones.com/lemony
This subtitling software allows professional creation of subtitles, captions and karaoke for NLE editors, DVD authoring applications and video players.
Keywords: Lemony; Multimedia; Video tools; Movie subtitles; Lemony
Downloads: 249
[software]DigiRostrum - http://www.lumidium.com
This program turns a PC into a fully functioning rostrum camera. Using its key frame controls, you can track, zoom or rotate a virtual camera across high-definition image files. You can then render the movement as broadcast-quality video files.
Keywords: DigiRostrum; Multimedia; Video tools; Movie editors; DigiRostrum
Downloads: 180
[software]FlyVCDPro - http://www.flyvcd.com
This utility allows you to create VCD, SVCD and DVD-compatible files that can be viewed on your computer or burned to CD-R or DVD-R. Add your favorite images and photos to a scene, set the properties for each picture and click "create." The program then generates a VCD, SVCD or DVD-compatible MPG file.
Keywords: FlyVCDPro; Multimedia; Video tools; Movie authoring; FlyVCDPro
Downloads: 87
[software]VideoBase - http://home.quicknet.nl/qn/prive/es.schouten/VideoBaseUpdate.htm
This program archives your DVD, VHS, VCD, DivX and DVD-R collections. You can sort, search and filter them, and print out listings in text, HTML or XML format. You can also give them ratings. Note: VideoBase
Keywords: VideoBase; Multimedia; Video tools; Movie organizers
Downloads: 509
[software]VidLizard - http://www.vidlizard.com
This multimedia video and audio player supports DIVX, AVI, MPEG, ASF, MP3, WAV and MID files for Windows. The user can customize the keyboard layout, and interface skins are supported. Playback and rewind rates are adjustable, and the program can be used to save screen shots. It can be used to control several audio streams in a video file.
Keywords: VidLizard; Multimedia; Video tools; Movie viewers; VidLizard
Downloads: 62
[software]SteadyHand - http://www.goodervideo.com/products/SH.html
This program removes shaking and rolling from AVI video files. It eliminates shake and bounce caused by zooming, panning and walking. It not only removes X-Y, but it takes out rotation -- the bane of handheld shots.
Keywords: SteadyHand; Multimedia; Video tools; Movie editors; SteadyHand
Downloads: 154
[software]UTouch - http://www.allvideotech.com
This program enables the production, previewing and publishing of interactive streaming video. Add images, animation, text and launch events to videos. The program also includes time lines, stage views and property windows. Define and track any video object or component to an event, duration and trigger. An unlimited number of interactive actions can be assigned to any video object or component.
Keywords: UTouch; Multimedia; Video tools; Movie authoring; UTouch
Downloads: 112
[software]ViewletCam - http://www.qarbon.com
This media software tool enables you to record, edit, enhance and publish full-motion videos from your PC. It lets you produce interactive content for your customers, prospects, partners and employees.
Keywords: ViewletCam; Multimedia; Video tools; Movie authoring; ViewletCam
Downloads: 57
[software]MoviePlay - http://www.nicsoft.com.au
This program allows you to play movies. You can play either a single file or enter a Winamp playlist. The controls allow you to view the movie at normal size, half size, double size, triple size or full screen. MoviePlay supports MP3, AVI, MPG, QT, MOV, MP3, DAT, MID, WAV, VOB and VIV file types.
Keywords: MoviePlay; Multimedia; Video tools; Movie viewers; MoviePlay
Downloads: 287
[software]MotionPerfect - http://www.goodervideo.com/products/MP.html
This program can adjust the frame-rate of an AVI video. In each operation, MotionPerfect calculates motion within the video so all moved or newly computed frames have the right camera position and all objects have proper position. It allows you to make slow motion smoother, clean up jumpy low frame rate video, and stretch or shrink video to fit into a time slot.
Keywords: MotionPerfect; Multimedia; Video tools; Movie editors; MotionPerfect
Downloads: 209
[software]PowerProducer - http://www.gocyberlink.com/english/products/product_main.jsp?ProdId=47
This is a program for authoring and burning your videos and photos on CD or DVD. It is wizard based and you can organize and edit your videos, produce photo slide shows, and burn them onto CD or DVD with customized movie menus.
Keywords: PowerProducer; Multimedia; Video tools; Movie authoring; PowerProducer
Downloads: 116
[software]FlashOnTV - http://www.flash-on-tv.com
Convert your Flash files to readable discs and view them on TV, complete with selection menu and preview function. You can burn your Flash files to VCDs, SVCDs or DVDs.
Keywords: FlashOnTV; Multimedia; Video tools; Flash players; FlashOnTV
Downloads: 119
[software]VideoInspector - http://www.kcsoftwares.com/?vtb
This is a tool designed to show you info about your movie files.
Keywords: VideoInspector; Multimedia; Video tools; Movie authoring; VideoToolbox
Downloads: 115
[software]FlashAdmin - http://www.dreamingsoft.com/flashadmin/index.htm
This program allows you to manage, browse, convert and display all kinds of Flash files on your computer.
Keywords: FlashAdmin; Multimedia; Video tools; Flash players; FlashAdmin
Downloads: 93
[software]UltraDVD - http://www.ultra-dvd-player.com
This tool can play DVD, VCD, AVI, MPEG and MPG movies, in addition to audio formats. It monitors your drive to auto-detect and play when a DVD or CD is inserted. You can digitally zoom any area of the DVD movie to 1/8 of the original window size. Parental control functionality is included, and multiple region codes are supported.
Keywords: UltraDVD; Multimedia; Video tools; DVD players; UltraDVD
Downloads: 191
[software]RadLight - http://www.radlight.net
This tool provides fast and high quality playback of DivX content and other multimedia files. A new version has been completely rewritten with a new direct show rendering core that has the ability to play all DivX, MPEG-I and VideoCD content. This is also capable of multi-language audio support. This is one of many applications based on RadLight OpenAPI technology. It lets you fully customize the interface...
Keywords: RadLight; Multimedia; Video tools; Movie viewers; redlight; red light
Downloads: 131
[software]Antechinus Animator - http://www.c-point.com/animator.htm
Import images, sort them, add sounds and your logos, and create AVI animations and videos. Extract images from AVI files and merge AVIs with sound files. Also, convert from AVI to MPEG.
Keywords: Antechinus Animator; Multimedia; Video tools; Movie editors; Antechinus Animator
Downloads: 64
[software]Digital Theater - http://www.cse.msu.edu/~stan/htpcinterface.html
The biggest complaint about HTPCs is that they are a pain to use. No one wants to type on a keyboard when they would rather be relaxing on the couch clicking away at a remote control. That's where the Digital Theater Interface comes in. This has a cool looking interface, support for programmable remote controls, hardware control over DVD changers, and theme supprt.
Keywords: Digital Theater; Multimedia; Video tools; Audio and video suites
Downloads: 49
[software]PhotoToFilm - http://www.kcsoftwares.com/?p2m
This program allows you to make movies out of digital pictures. You can add effects to your films and compress them to be sent over the Web.
Keywords: PhotoToFilm; Multimedia; Video tools; Movie conversion; Photo To Film
Downloads: 119
[software]Movielist Deluxe - http://www.angelfire.com/az2/asw/programs/movielist/movielist.html
This utility allows you to organize video tapes, DVDs and other media into printable databases. You can use the wizard or edit the list manually. The list can be sorted by any column heading, and then by sub-column heading. The columns are: Tape# (or DVD#, or VCD#, or SVCD#), Movie Title, Episode, Category, Main Actor, Duration, Year and Comments. Column width is adjustable.
Keywords: Movielist Deluxe; Multimedia; Video tools; Movie organizers; Movielist; movie; list
Downloads: 44
[software]Subtitle Tuner - http://www.geocities.com/subtitletuner/index.html
This application fixes the amount of time that lines appear in subtitles. It matches the display interval to the number of characters in the line.
Keywords: Subtitle Tuner; Multimedia; Video tools; Movie subtitles; sub title tuner
Downloads: 60
[software]MJ Pegger - http://www.anetac.com/
This program encodes your media files into motion JPEG or PCM audio, portable video editing formats compatible with most media software applications.
Keywords: MJ Pegger; Multimedia; Video tools; Movie conversion; MJ Pegger
Downloads: 54
[software]DRAGRI Lite - http://www.dragri-fan.com/en/
This is authoring software for interactive video. DRAGRI interactive video allows Web viewers to manipulate video intuitively. From recorded AVI, MPEG, QuickTime video, live captured video to Webcam video, or a series of JPEG images, its wizard-based interface allows users to create dynamic interactive Web contents. It generates all Web-ready files, including HTML file automatically. Viewers can experience it with common JAVA enable Web browsers, such as MSIE or Netscape, and do not need to inst...
Keywords: DRAGRI Lite; Multimedia; Video tools; Movie authoring; DRAGRI Lite
Downloads: 109
[software]VideoList Plus - http://www.wakefieldsoft.com/videolist/
This is a video and DVD organization database. Keep track of VHS tapes and DVDs that you own, saw, rented or want. Customize many master lists for quick data entry. Comprehensive list of fields for complete documentation. Import and export data, print reports. Includes optional handheld software components.
Keywords: VideoList Plus; Multimedia; Video tools; Movie organizers; VideoList Plus
Downloads: 48
[software]Storyboard Tools - http://www.freefilmsoftware.co.uk/
This is an organizational tool for film directors, storyboard artists and film makers. Images from various sources can be used to build up an entire storyboard project, which can then be printed.
Keywords: Storyboard Tools; Multimedia; Video tools; Movie authoring; Storyboard Tools
Downloads: 209
[software]EZVideoSplicer - http://www.ezvideosplicer.com
This media file editor allows you to encode video in Windows Media Video 9. You can merge several media files or split media into several different files. The program supports constant and variable bitrate video encoding and a range of audio encoding options.
Keywords: EZVideoSplicer; Multimedia; Video tools; Movie joiners and splitters; EZVideoSplicer
Downloads: 115
[software]SmartPlay - http://www.illusionsoft.net
This program scans and autoplays the multimedia content of your CDs with the player of your choice and without the need for extra burned files on the CD. Use you PC as a multimedia player and play all your music or movie files instantly. The program offers support for most popular media players and multimedia extensions. It provides automatic detection of subtitle files on movie CDs and autoplays files instantly or configurably.
Keywords: SmartPlay; Multimedia; Video tools; Audio and video suites; SmartPlay
Downloads: 55
[software]VideoTrak - http://www.egcollins.com/index.html
This is a database application for movies, TV programs, home videos, or anything stored on DVD, video tape or video CD. It allows you to search the Internet Movie Database, and provides lists of media and category types, and five built-in reports with a custom report designer. New video titles can be added to the file individually or by adding an entire tape or DVD all at once. The program's Browse Records grid displays all, or a selected subset, of the video titles in a table...
Keywords: VideoTrak; Multimedia; Video tools; Movie organizers; Video Trak; Video Track
Downloads: 73
[software]DVD-lab - http://www.mediachance.com/dvdlab/
This is a DVD authoring tool. It provides dockable and un-dockable windows, works with multiple monitors and offers integrated menu creation, a connection module and a DVD burning module. It supports elementary MPEG streams or it can demultiplex program streams. It also supports 4:3 or 16:9 aspect ratios, NTSC and PAL video formats and MPEG, AC-3, DTS, WAV, AIFF file formats.
Keywords: DVD-lab; Multimedia; Video tools; Movie authoring; DVD-lab
Downloads: 173
[software]Visual Communicator - http://www.seriousmagic.com
This program enables camcorder and Webcam users to create videos and presentations. Using the provided green screen, you can digitally replace the background with an image or video. The application includes hundreds of customizable graphics, special effects, screen titles and music selections. The included microphone and teleprompter allows you to speak without missing key points or memorizing lines.
Keywords: Visual Communicator; Multimedia; Video tools; Movie editors; Visual Communicator
Downloads: 212
[software]QuickTime Player - http://www.quicktime.apple.com/
QuickTime is an excellent movie viewer application that uses the latest streaming technology to access instant content on the Web. This viewer plays clips in almost every movie format, and is the only player that will work with some exclusive Apple formats (*.mov). Features: Sports a small and attractive interface. The range of formats this viewer can open is amazing. Includes in the installation browser plug-ins to heighten your QuickTime experience on the web...
Keywords: QuickTime Player; Multimedia; Video tools; Movie viewers; quicktime; quick; time
Downloads: 1,170 1.00 out of 5 stars(3 reviews)
[software]CombiMovie - http://www.bobyte.com
This program combines two or more MPEG files into a single continuous file. It is suitable for digital camera or Internet movies.
Keywords: CombiMovie; Multimedia; Video tools; Movie joiners and splitters; CombiMovie
Downloads: 153
[software]Framerate Converter HQ - http://converter.stratopoint.com
This video processing tool that can increase or reduce video framerate without causing jerkiness. It can be used to simulate a 24 FPS film using standard PAL or NTSC source or increase smoothness of a jerky 15 FPS video.
Keywords: Framerate Converter HQ; Multimedia; Video tools; Movie authoring; Framerate Converter
Downloads: 255
[software]neoTV - http://www.mediostream.com/products/index_neotv.html
Record TV directly to DVD disc or hard drive with this application. It includes the Titan-TV Electronic Program Guide. The quality settings allow you to record up to 90 minutes of high quality D1 video, 3 hours of standard play video and over 5 hours of extended play video. You can also use the Fit To Disc option to automatically calculate the space available and adjust the quality to fit the recording onto the disc.
Keywords: neoTV; Multimedia; Video tools; Personal video recorders (PVR); neoTV
Downloads: 183
[software]myhtpc - http://www.myhtpc.net
This is a customizable, menu-driven front end that lets you launch external programs and any type of media stored on your computer. It is extremely flexible and allows you to easily build nested menu structures that can accomplish many tasks. Its large, clear display makes it great for large monitors or TV sets. Although the program is targeted at Home Theater Personal Computer users, it can serve many purposes...
Keywords: myhtpc; Multimedia; Video tools; Personal video recorders (PVR)
Downloads: 363
[software]SplitCAM - http://www.splitcamera.com/
This virtual video capture driver allows you to connect several applications to a single video capture source. It splits the video stream coming from the source and provides it to other client applications. You can connect up to 64 clients through a single video source.
Keywords: SplitCAM; Multimedia; Video tools; Personal video recorders (PVR); SplitCAM
Downloads: 188
[software]DVD Ghost - http://www.region-free-dvd.com
This utility makes your DVD play, copy and backup software restriction-free, and it supports DVD backup to hard disk.
Keywords: DVD Ghost; Multimedia; Video tools; DVD utilities; DVD Ghost
Downloads: 308
[software]FadeToBlack AVI Video Editor - http://www.thoughtman.com
This program allows you to join, split, crop and trim images and photos from your digital camera. You can also modify color, rotate images, overlay and merge images, blur AVI video files, and blur sequences of JPG and BMP images. The program supports the latest DivX video codecs and MP3 audio codecs. You can also encode your non-DivX AVI files into DivX format.
Keywords: FadeToBlack AVI Video Editor; Multimedia; Video tools; Movie editors; FadeToBlack
Downloads: 208
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